"We dream. Wild, beautiful and full of monsters."




was founded in 2017 with the aim of discovering and bringing the most original, compelling and captivating STORIES of our time to life. We are committed to storytelling that engages, entertains and resonates with worldwide audiences. We deeply believe in developing universal stories with significant mainstream appeal and commercial potential - with a high level of critical excellence.

For us, story development is about our AUDIENCE, just as much as about CHARACTERS and STORYTELLERS.

Because we believe collaborative story development to be the pivotal part of filmmaking, MAGICAL REALIST commits more than two thirds of its time and resources to story development and talent scouting/nurturing, including an annual story retreat in Hannover, Germany. Our braintrust, modelled after Pixar's design, is an essential tool in our box to answer the key question: How do we push the story forward? 

Our vision is, together with our local and international partners, to evolve into a German and European story power-house on par with today‘s best storytellers.

Ultimately, we are the stories we tell each other, about each other. Stories that shape us, change us, improve us.